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Shift is a strategic innovation design studio. We help organizations to innovate for impact and create powerful visual stories that put humans at the center.
The difference between a good idea and a successful innovation is a
powerful story
what we do best
We don't believe in fuzzy research briefs and non-actionable strategies. We combine strategic innovation consulting with visual storytelling to; communicate the strategies we co-create, make data and research insights comprehensible, and visualize ideas and concepts to create buy-in and alignment.  
Insights & Strategy

We ensure the successful implementation of new services, products and business models by discovering underlying human-centered needs and drivers. By shifting your mindset to a truly empathetic approach, we help you translate research and insights into tangible, viable concepts.

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Prototyping & Testing

With a tried and tested blend of rapid prototyping and user testing, we find ways to limit long, costly guesswork and help accelerate decision-making. Through meaningful engagements with target stakeholders, we’ll generate real, insightful feedback data about the desirability and feasibility of your ideas and concepts.

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Innovation Throughlines

We believe innovation is a mindset that must be integrated into each organization’s vision and strategy. Using our specialized approach, grounded in research and co-creation, we work with you to uncover your Innovation Throughline, helping to develop an actionable and, of course, visual innovation roadmap tailored to meet your unique goals.

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Training & Culture

We empower leaders and team members to shift their thinking through interactive training and workshops tailored to your individual needs. By enabling your team to  successfully apply creative frameworks and visual tools, we’ll help accelerate your organization’s competitive advantage through human-centric innovation.

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Visual Storytelling

By clearly articulating the often complex innovation process, we activate sustainable strategies, and gain support for concepts worth investing in through powerful visual stories that create empathy and put humans at the center.

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Designing sustainable solutionsthat correspond to
problemsworth solving
Our process
At shift we know that all successful innovation is rooted in a deep, rigorous understanding of human - centered desirability. We believe empathy is the cornerstone of sustainable as well as impactful product, service and process innovation. We ask the difficult questions and design solutions that respond to real needs. Most importantly, we help you tell powerful stories that turn your good ideas into successful innovations.

We build empathy through a deep understanding of needs, technologies, ecosystems and touchpoints, translating data into insights and visualize the why.

Frame, ideate, validate

We shift from problems to framed opportunities, conceptualize ideas and co-create novel solutions

Prototype, test, implement

We aren’t afraid to fail and work quickly to prototype ideas, test assumptions and implement feedback to build impactful solutions.

Case by case success
Mapping the Fabric of Innovation

Creating a physical presence for an entirely remote corporate innovation team by bridging the gap between the physical and digital world.

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Tracking Metrics in Innovation Programs

Our journey to visualizing innovation maturity through the metaphor of growth, allowing us to create a simple story around complex data points that created lasting impact.

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our clients
We help you tell powerful stories that make
innovation more tangible
Shift your thinking
Tired of all the innovation theater and jargon that causes confusion rather than alignment and impact?

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